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100% Natural peat free multipurpose compost. Made with sheep muck, sheep wool, sawdust and farmers expertise. This product has excellent levels of slow release nitrogen, phosphate and potassium all essential trace elements are in this product!

EXCITING NEWS! We’re back and better than ever!

We’ve spent the last few months brewing up our best batch yet of our 100% natural peat-free multi-purpose compost! Ready for your growing needs.
We’ve even had a makeover! Check out our colourful new bags. How good do they look?!
To Grab your bag direct from us
Call 07711485021 / 07802788081 or you can message us directly via our FB page or order online. Local delivery can be arranged.
Also available at H Pigney & Sons in Appleby.
100% natural growing medium made from sheep muck, wool, sawdust and farmers expertise. Fantastic soil improver, boosting drainage in heavy clay soil. Increases worm activity to aerate the soil with slow-releasing nitrogen, high in potassium phosphate and all essential trace elements needed for plant welfare giving it the correct balance for all stages of plant growth. 🥕🧅🫑🌶🌺🌹🌷🐑